About Us

We are a group of Real Estate Professionals offering traditional and online real estate brokerage, property consolidation and online marketing services. Our individual profiles, experiences and pool of network connections make us a strong and dynamic team in those areas.

Teresa Li

PRC Lisence Number: 19563
REBAP Member: Metro East Chapter

Currently specializing in leasing and pre-selling projects. Her experience and expertise in the field of Information Technology has served as an edge in the areas of website and app development and online marketing with respect to the real estate industry.

Monalisa Ignacio

PRC Lisence Number: -

As the owner of Uno Manila Construction Services, a company that specializes in construction and property consolidation services, her unparalleled management of the logistics in consolidating bulk properties within the entire philippines has gained her a reputable image in that area.

Diana Custodio

PRC Lisence Number: -

Her 15 years experience in the financial industry is a very good card for us in the areas of accounting and taxation which has also helped us in predicting and evaluating the real estate market. Now a _ in Uno Manila Construction Services, she is gaining a profound foundation in the area of property consolidation and real property taxation as well.

Ailyn Globio

PRC Lisence Number: 19565
REBAP Member: Metro East Chapter

Currently specializing in pre-selling projects and real estate brokerage within the Philippines.